Aviva Sawicki

Aviva Sawicki

Independent Visual Artist, AVIVART

Tel Aviv, Israel

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Her background

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    January 2011

    Independent Visual Artist



    Name: Aviva Tamara Sawicki Pels
    Date of birth: November 11th 1956
    Place of birth: Santiago de Chile
    Adress: Nof Hagalil 12, Nof Kinneret,
    Rosh Pinah 12000, 10384 Tzefat
    Phone number: 077-3456449 Cel:052-6773500
    E-Mail: aviva.sawicki@gmail.com
    WEB: http://www.aviva.cl


    1975 Fine Arts, Universidad Católica de Chile. Stgo., Chile.
    1976 – 1977 History of Art and History of Theatre, Hebrew University,
    Jerusalem, Israel.
    1978- 1981 Fine Arts and English Literature, B.A. Haifa University, Israel.
    1982 Stage Design, studies for M.A., Tel Aviv University

    Professional Activities
    1982 Stage painting, Art Department, National Theatre “ Habima”,
    Tel Aviv, Israel.
    1983 Group Show, Art Gallery Ahad Haam 90,
    Tel Aviv Israel.
    1983 Art Assistant Director, Amir Maps Ltd., Tel Aviv,
    1983 – 1985 Stage painting, Art Department, Israfilm, Tel Aviv,
    Stage painting, Art Department Golan Globus,
    Tel Aviv, Israel
    Stage painting, Art Department Jerusalem
    Capital Studios, Israel.
    Stage painting, and Set Dressing, Art Department
    Tal Productions, Tel Aviv, Israel.
    1989 – 1993 Art Director Multimedia, MediaWare GMBH,
    Melsungen, Germany.
    Painting Exhibition, Sparkasse BanK, Melsungen,
    Stage painting, Canal de T.V. HR3, Kassel Hessen,
    1993 – 1995 Art Director Multimedia, MediaWare International,
    Santiago, Chile.
    1995 – 1999 Art Director Multimedia, MIA Team Ltda. Santiago, Chile.

    2000 – 2009 Teaching: Recycled Paper and Mixed Media
    (Personal Technique developed since 1996)


    1996 Fair Sundays in San Enrique, Lo Barnechea Santiago,
    1997 Solo Exhibition, “ Exposición Prima”, Chilean Israeli Cultural
    Institute, Santiago, Chile.
    11th Exhibition and Auction of Chilean Painters and Sculptors
    Wizo Chile. Golf Club La Dehesa, Stgo., Chile.
    Group Show “Art Messangers ”, Cultural Institute of Las
    Condes, Stgo., Chile.
    1998 12th Exhibition and Auction of Chilean Painters and Sculptors
    Wizo Chile. Golf Club La Dehesa, Stgo., Chile.

    1999 Group Show “Mixed Media”, Agora Art Gallery,
    SOHO, Nueva York. EEUU.
    13th Exhibition and Auction of Chilean Painters and Sculptors
    Wizo Chile. Golf Club La Dehesa, Stgo., Chile.
    2000 Solo Exhibition “Existencia I”, ARTEX Gallery,
    Santiago, Chile.
    14ava Exhibition and Auction of Chilean Painters and Sculptors
    Wizo Chile. Golf Club La Dehesa, Stgo., Chile.
    2001 Group Show “Noche de Arte”,
    Canadian Asociation, Hyatt Hotel, Santiago, Chile.
    Group Show “Ojo con el Cobre”, Codelco Chile,
    Santiago, Chile (itinerary exhibition)
    Solo Exhibition, City Bank, August,
    Santiago, Chile
    Group Exhibition Wizo, Isabel Aninat Gallery, Santiago,
    Chile, 17th and 18th of November.
    Solo Exhibition “ Existencia II”, La Ventana Cemicual Gallery,
    2002 Group Show “Noche de Arte”, Canadian Association
    , Hyatt Hotel, Santiago, Chile, May
    Group Show, Open Studio, Ars Latino,
    Cultural Corporation of Las Condes, Santiago ,Chile, Agosto.
    Solo Exhibition, “Entretiempos”, Artex Gallery
    Santiago , Chile ,September.
    Selected Contest “Salón del Sur” Concepción,
    2003 Group Exhibition, 1st. Art Group Show, Arte Mentor y Eserre Arte, Eserre Gallery, Alonso de Córdova 3884, Vitacura, Santiago, Chile.
    Group Show, Jardín del Arte Gallery, Lo Barnechea, Stgo. Chile
    Group Show "Techo Para Chile", Vitacura, Santiago.
    Group Show "El Galpón del Arte", Las Condes, Santiago.
    First Prize, Group Show and contest "Merkaz Kehilati", La Dehesa, Santiago.
    Group Show Wizo, Ana María Matthei Gallery, Santiago
    2004 Group Show, Jardín del Arte Gallery, Lo Barnechea,Stgo, Chile
    Group Show “Noche de Arte”, Canadian Association Sheraton Hotel, Santiago, Chile, May 17th
    “Summer Group Show”, Amos Eno Gallery, Chelsea, New York,
    Individual Exhibition Existencia III, Galería M2, Alonso de Córdova 3102, Vitacura, Santiago. May 4th- 25th
    Group Show “Noche de Arte”, Canadian Association, Sheraton Hotel, Santiago, May 17th
    “Open me up”, Summer Group Show, Amos Eno Gallery Chelsea, New York. June 21 st - July 16th
    Group Exhibition, Salvador Donoso, Santiago Chile November 11th
    Group Exhibition Artium Gallery, La Dehesa, Santiago Chile December
    Group Exhibition Wizo Santiago Chile, December
    Group Exhibition Wizo Miami, December
    Group Exhibition, Art Cooperative C1, Santiago Chile, Dec.
    Group Exhibition SmartStudio, Bellavista, Santiago Chile, Dec.
    SmartStudio, Bellavista, Diciembre
    “Noche de Arte”, Canadian Association Group Show, Sheraton Hotel, Santiago, June 4th and 5th
    Oponed Studios C1, Bellavista, Santiago, June 30th
    Individual Exhibition, “Transición 1” Salustiano
    Casanova Gallery, Antonia López de Bello 77, Bellavista,
    Santiago, November
    Group Show Wizo Santiago, November- December.

    2007 Individual Painting Exhibition in Almagro, Espoz 3300,
    Vitacura, September 27th , Santiago
    Individual Exhibition, Feria del Disco , Huérfanos, Santiago
    Fashion Art Show Arte al Límite, Espacio Riesco, November,
    13th, 20:00hrs, Santiago, Chile
    Group Show Wizo, November 15th, Stgo.

    2008 Expoarteallímite 2008, Explanada Municipalidad de Vitacura,
    April 3rd , Santiago.
    “Noche de Arte”, Canadian Association Group Show, Sheraton
    Hotel, May 25th , Santiago, Chile.
    Between October 2008 and June 2009 worked at Yad Lakashish
    in Jerusalem as Designer and Guide for the elderly people.

    2011 Group shows and permanent exhibition of works at Rosh Pina
    Art Gallery The Well.

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Her skills

  • Visual Artist

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Visual Arts Films Books Music Nature

About her

A v i v a S a w i c k i

''F u s i o n s'' From Rubbish to Relevant

After 13 years of working on Recycled Paper in Chile, Aviva brings her art work one step forward by recycling plastic bags.

One of her main concerns is to work with materials that we use in our daily life in order to leave a tangible record of our world in the 21st century.

By recycling plastic bags she reminds us that we are a mainly consuming society and appeals to awareness of our environment.

The fusion of colored plastic bags becomes a vivid palette that allows transparencies and textures which the artist uses to create a vibrant transformation from rubbish to relevant.

Aviva Sawicki carries out her work in her home studio in the Upper Galilee by the Rosh Pinah area.

She has exhibited her art work in Israel, Chile, Argentina, Germany and New York.

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