Zamir Tribelsky

Zamir Tribelsky

Founder, President & CEO, Aqwaysys Ltd, ISRAEL

Currently employed at Aqwaysys Ltd, ISRAEL

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    Brief Profile for Zamir Tribelsky Zamir Tribelsky is an accomplished creative technology expert with deep knowledge in wide myriad of technological fields. Considered one of Israel most daring inventors and entrepreneurs, Zamir is specializing in cleantech, water, air and surface treatment and purification including vast varieties of AOT (Advanced Oxidation Technologies), Photo catalysis, Photo-Electro-Catalysis and numerous reduction techniques for VOCs and TOCs. Zamir became known worldwide through his breakthrough invention of a flowing optical fiber from water, a UV water sterilization patented method using internal reflections. To date, this technology has being positioned as one of the world's most efficient water sterilization technology. Founder of Atlantium technologies, Israeli company producing UV disinfection systems selling worldwide. Zamir has been Atlantium CTO, acted as its BOD member, invented and validated their core technologies; resign from the company in late 2006. Zamir has invented numerous patents in diversified fields such as: homeland security, laser technology for environmental protection, water, air and surface decontamination, liquid and solid sterilization, photochemistry and radiation chemistry, advanced integrated avionic systems, advanced aerodynamics, hydraulics, Hydro-optics, Hydro-Diamagnetic Interaction (HDI) of matter, atomic spectroscopy, spectral data acquisition, biomedical, Nutraceutical, DNA synthesis, microbiology, photo catalysis, photo electro catalytic processes, AOT, AOP, meta-chromatic surface interactions, physics – (SSDPL) solid state lasers, crystal base lasers, liquid based lasers, quantum dot lasers, tunable lasers, unique tunable light generating plasma for generating super high power light, chemistry photochemistry, radiation chemistry, Advanced organic chemistry, linear and non linear optical phenomena, electro-optics, high power microwave systems and sub-systems, tunable computer controlled plasmatic interactions, innovative optical concentrators (HDCPCs). To date, Zamir has invented a new generation of non toxic, no byproducts water, air, and surface purification technology surpassing limitations effecting currently used methodologies. Zamir's new patented technology is anticipated to revolutionize the water treatment industry. Zamir has recruited a world class team of experts and launching new generation of patented technology surpassing limitation effecting existing treatment methods, seeking investment to commercialize the technology. A charged, highly disciplined energetic charismatic person, super creative, has a track record of successfully inventing new technology with GR8 economical edge and bringing it into a real world engineered product solution sold. Currently, Zamir is engaging in launching his 2nd generation of water treatment technology in a venture called Aqwaysys ™ The technology is based on Zamir’s patents and surpasses limitation of currently used systems.


Founder, President & CEO

At Aqwaysys Ltd, ISRAEL

From 2010 to Present

Autodidact / University Of Life Experiences & Interactions, Jerusalem Israel

Published Patents world wide - Non Academic degree, Autodidact / University of Life Experiences & Interactions

From January 1964 to February 2013
Inventions, Inventive thinking, process development, system and sub-system developments. - METHOD AND DEVICE FOR AFFECTING A CHEMICAL OR MECHANICAL PROPERTY OF A TARGET SITE(Link) United States Patent application number: 20120145649 Issued June 14, 2012 IN-LINE TREATMENT OF LIQUIDS AND GASES BY...
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Founder, Chief Technology Officer, BOD Member, President of NST International

At Atlantium Ltd., Atlantium Lasers, Atlantium Technologies

From January 1997 to November 2006
Engaged to promote Atlantium technologies worldwide from 1997 - 2006: Hire initial team of experts to include world class experts in photochemistry, electro-optics and water tech specialists. Invented a comprehensive portfolio of patents, trademarks and intellectual properties for water...
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Bikat Cinorot, Kibuts Beit Zera, Jordan Valley, Near Ti

Bikat Cinorot

From January 1980 to December 1986


  • Acoustic synthesis
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  • AOP
  • AOT
  • Avionics & PAVE (Personal Air Vehicle Exploratio)
  • Avionics & PAVE (Personal Air Vehicle Exploration)
  • DNA Synthesis
  • Electro-optics
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